Phillies Improve Bullpen With Signing of David Robertson

Now one of the more bigger names in the reliever market is off the market, potentially impacting guys like Zach Britton and Craig Kimbrel. And maybe it will be the first domino to make the rest of the others to fall. It has been slow since free agency started.

Yeah we had a few signings and trades but none of the big named free agents that everyone knows has signed(besides from Patrick Corbin). Hopefully David Robertson signing with the Phillies is the start of much more news coming in the next few weeks.

Maybe guys like Harper, Kimbrel, Machado and others will start to sign with teams. Or maybe we’ll see the waiting game continue like we have been watching the past few months.

Whatever happens, this is a good move by the Phillies to get a guy that can close and be at the back end of the bullpen as a set up guy. He gets ten million this year, eleven million next year, and maybe twelve million the year after depending on if the Phillies picks up his option.

This deal doesn’t really break the chances they can get Harper either. Yeah what they could probably offer him now then what they could a few weeks ago is now a little smaller, but one could look at it as beefing the team up more for Harper to be like.

Hey, this is a pretty damn good team.

I’m pretty sure I said this about the Nats chances when they signed Patrick Corbin a few weeks ago.

But either way, even if they don’t sign Harper, the Phillies are looking to be in a great position for this season. Last season they were a little too young and couldn’t keep up with the Braves all season, but this year? Another year to grow together, add some more veteran guys in that club house?

I believe they have a better chance to.

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