Mookie Betts And The Red Sox Reach 20 Million Agreement To Avoid Arbitration, A Sign For The Future?


Most of you know by now that the Red Sox and Mookie Betts have agreed to a salary of $20 million dollars. I can’t thank the Red Sox enough for not screwing around with Mookie this year.

Last year we were all up in arms when they had to go to arbitration hearing because they couldn’t agree money wise. Cause if they couldn’t agree for arbitration how in the world were they gonna agree on a contract extension when the time comes?

We could probably thank Mookie for this. Having a MVP type season and winning the MVP award 1000 percent kicked the Red Sox management/ownership in the butt and made them think

We can’t lowball this guy and lose him in free agency.


That had to be what happened because to avoid arbitration this year, after Mookie had the best season of his career, is great. We all know how the ownership is, love them or hate them they haven’t made the best decisions money wise. I’m glad they decided to be smart about this.

John Henry has said a bunch of times that he wants Mookie to be here long term. Everyone in Red Sox Nation wants that to happen. And giving him 20 million dollars in only the second year of Arbitration, the most for any player in his second year of it, is a step in the right direction.

He is going to make more than 20 million annually on a year to year basis, it just depends on how many years he is going to get from the Red Sox .

Hopefully this is a sign for things to come for Mookie and the Red Sox.

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