Lions Hire Former Seattle Seahawk OC Darrell Bevell As Their New OC

I took the night to process this hiring for the Lions. It’s not a big splash signing at OC nor is it a “who is this guy” signing either. It’s in the middle of both of those reactions and at first I was a bit thrown off.

This guy is known for having a run heavy offense in his time with the Vikings and Seahawks. For numerous seasons the Seahawks ranked almost last in pass attempts and yards. Which is fine cause it worked for them. But I was a little worried that him coming to Detroit would mean the Lions would turn into that, even with Matthew Stafford at QB.

And while they may run more next year, I don’t think it’ll be a run heavy offense as most people expect. You have to remember that he had Russell Wilson at QB when he was in Seattle. We all know Wilson can run the ball as good as any other QB who has some wheels. So his game planned was designed for Wilsons ability to run the ball as well.

Bevell is coming in with Matt Stafford at QB who is a gun slinger. Matt can throw the ball deep and far as any other QB in the league. And he has deep threats in Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay. I do think that we’ll see more deep passes from Stafford and Bevell come next season. Which will be set up by the run game from Kerryon Johnson and hopefully Zach Zenner, if they re-sign him.

Bob Quinn said that he and Matt Patricia wanted an OC who could adjust the game plan to who the opponent was each week. IMO I think that they picked Bevell because he could do that and he’ll adjust his own offense game plan to who his quarterback is.

If we look at Russell Wilsons stats from when he had Bevell has his OC, every season he at least 20 plus touchdown passes, and threw for at least 3,000 plus yards. He even had two seasons of 4,000 plus yards. So while it was a run heavy offense, Wilson still produced great numbers, and I expect the same to be done with Matt Stafford who is more of your standard gun slinger QB, even though Stafford can run when needed.

All in all, I expect this offense to be much more run oriented next season, but not to the point where Stafford will basically not be a top 10 guy in terms of production. Now that the Lions have a OC, it’s time to see who Bob Quinn adds to this team.

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