Patriots vs Chiefs Preview


So the dynasty’s not over? Much to everyone’s chagrin, this is the Patriots eighth straight AFC Championship game and their third straight chance to reach the Super Bowl…  it’s all on the line. The Patriots have never made the big game three consecutive seasons, and with this team. it would be sort of miraculous.

The Patriots defense has been pretty underwhelming in games this season and the Week 3 loss vs the lowly Lions and obvious bonehead play in Miami doesn’t bode well for how this team has fared on the road, but that’s all in the past. Tom Brady, The (GOAT) vs the 2018-2019 (most likely) MVP in Patrick Mahomes. In his first full season starting, Mahomes will have to lead a Chiefs team past an elite, experienced mind in Tom Brady. Not a task I think he’s (Mahomes) capable to accomplish.

By leaps and bounds, the Chiefs primary pass catchers in Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Sammy Watkins are better than what the Patriots may have speed wise. Gronk and Edelman might not have the same burst but they have much more experience in these games. The Patriots also have the superior running backs in Sony Michel, James White, and Rex Burkhead (who are fully healthy.) Kareem Hunt was a huge loss for the Chiefs and it should show in this game as he torched the Pats and their linebackers in the previous two meetings.

I’m not sure why I have so much confidence in the Patriots defense, but the overall team is playing at its highest level at the current moment. If they played in a neutral site game in comfortable weather- the Patriots probably would have lost against the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers. Arrowhead Stadium is a very tough place to go into especially with the Patriots 3-5 on the road in the season.

However, if I’m pulling out my crystal ball I think this game is going to be a shootout. And Thomas Brady will come out on top. The offensive line needs to allow Brady to sit back in the pocket just like the game against the Chargers and everything will turn out great for Pats fans.

An angle I haven’t brought up yet is the Patriots are going into this game believing they are underdogs. Brady and Belichick don’t like being in that situation. They feel disrespected and always use it as motivation. The four letter major sports network gave the Chiefs and the Saints the highest odds to reach the Super Bowl. They might as well have poured racing fuel onto the fires that burn out of Brady and Belichick’s asses.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and far beyond in New England, we will be snowed in for this game. Biting our nails, screaming at our TVS (if power doesn’t go out) and hoping Tom’s right arm can bring us to the big game. At 41 years old for Brady against the 23 year old Mahomes it’s a test old vs young. Brady should’ve been done by now right?

My crystal ball predicts Patrick Mahomes giving Thomas Brady a handshake a hug after a tough, close loss. Tyreek Hill and Kelce will get theirs but many more Patriots will shine. It’s a shootout (relatively) folks- Patriots 34- Chiefs -31.

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