3 Time PED User, Jenrry Mejia Signs Minor League Deal With The Red Sox

Yesterday while I was busy, I got a notification the Red Sox signed a reliever. So I got excited and took the time to scroll through twitter real quick and see who it was. I wasn’t expecting them to sign Craig Kimbrel, who is still on the market by the way.


But I was hoping to see a reliever who was a cheap one year option because of the fact that Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox have basically said that Kimbrel isn’t coming back. Whether that remains true is a wait and see type of play. So anyway, I was expecting to see a name like Greg Holland, who just this morning signed a one year deal with the Dbacks which was reported by Robert Murray. So that’s off the table.

It wasn’t a guy like Greg Holland. It was in fact a guy who was banned from baseball for failing THREE drug tests. I mean this guy has to have the biggest idiot in the world. How do you get caught three times? Do you not learn from the first suspension? Did he not learn from the second suspension? Either way the Red Sox signed this guy to a minor league deal.

What do I think about this?

If I’m being completely honest, I think its a low-risk, low-reward signing. If you look at his numbers he had one okay year. He started seven games and appeared in sixty three games, and had a ERA of 3.65. So he didn’t exactly light up the world. And that was in 2014 before he got caught cheating three times.

I don’t think he’s going to make this roster coming out of spring training. Even with there not being a closer in this bullpen right now, I don’t see this guy getting a spot. And maybe I’ll have to eat my words if he makes the spots cause he pitches well or there are a few injuries that open the door. Who knows, we still have a couple months to go before the regular season starts. He has started in the past, so maybe they’ll use him as depth, but I don’t think they signed him for that. I think they signed him as a “eh we’ll see if he has anything in the bullpen” pitcher.

At this point, I don’t see Kimbrel coming back. As much as I want him. I think another team is going to pounce on him in the next few weeks. Whether that’s a team that may lose out on Bryce Harper or Manny Macahdo, I don’t think the waiting game is going to work for the Red Sox like it did last year for J.D.

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