I Can’t Wait To See The Dustin Pedroia 2019 Comeback Tour

The Bullpen is probably the biggest question mark for the Red Sox entering the 2019 season. They lost Joe Kelly and basically lost Craig Kimbrel, even though he is still a free agent.

But the biggest single player storyline the Red Sox have right now is Dustin Pedroia. After only playing in four games last year, Pedroia is out looking to prove the doubters this season that he can still play.

If you think about it, Pedroia is like a “big name player” coming into the team this year. Yeah he played only four games last year and was with the team through out the playoffs, but if you have him in the line up for at least 100-plus games, thats a big plus. You don’t need him to bat over .300 and have him play 140 games. Give this lineup a .280 hitter who can get on base and play great defense this will only add to a lineup that was one of the best in baseball last year.

And if you add some type of stability at a position that was basically a revolving door last year, it’s only going to make the team that won the 2018 World Series better.

And who doesn’t want to see Pedroia comeback and have a great season? This guy has been the heart and soul of the Red Sox for years now and to see him back on the field with the team and helping this team win with his offense and defense is going to be a great storyline for the Red Sox this year.

We’ll worry about the bullpen when we need to worry about the bullpen. For now, lets get hyped (if you’re already not) for the return of Dustin Pedroia. I have no doubt that he’ll prove everyone of the doubter wrong.

Let the comeback tour begin.

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