Reacting To The Manny Machado Deal

After months of waiting and wondering what team will take the plunge and sign Manny Machado to a $300 million dollar deal, it’s the San Diego Padres?

No Yankees

No Phillies

No White Sox

Basically what this comes down to is Machado picking the place where he was going to get three hundred million guaranteed. He doesn’t give a crap about winning, cause if he did, he should have gone to the Phillies or the Yankees.

Hence this tweet below.

Why go somewhere to a place where potentially in two-three years, they could be really good,  when you can go to a place where you probably won’t win anything for three hundred million guaranteed.

Oh and if Machado ends up struggling in his first year or whatever, is anyone going to care? No they won’t.

The Padres could probably spend money and upgrade their starting pitching, but instead of dropping thirty million over the next ten years. Dallas Keuchel is a proven ace and is still on the market.

Yes Machado is going to be an upgrade to their lineup, but take a look at their starting pitching from last year. It’s not that good. Four of their starters who started more then twenty games last year all had ERAs over four and Clayton Richards who was their number one basically, had a ERA of over five.

There’s still a chance they improve their pitching, but we’ll see if they do.

They won’t be competing with the Dodgers this year for sure. If they do, I’ll own up to it.

Great for the Padres and Machado, he’s going to have a great life living in the sunshine. It’s the second big star they signed in the past two off-seasons, the first being Eric Hosmer. But I don’t see this signing helping them get to the playoffs and beating the Dodgers.


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