The bills come due on the Red Sox after 2019

As the Boston Red Sox get set to embark upon the 2019 MLB Season and defend their World Series title, it’s hard for me to not look ahead to 2020 and wonder what’s brewing off-shore. The day the team traded Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech for Chris Sale was the final nail in the Red Sox Farm System. In three years, the Sox have plummeted from the No. 2 ranked system in the game in 2015 to the 30th, dead last in the league today.

With nothing coming in the farm and only Andrew Benintendi, Rafel Devers, and David Price as the only significant members of this team under contract beyond 2020, I am legit worried about what the future holds down on Jersey Street. In Baseball America’s pre-season assessment of the Red Sox Farm, they said they only see two Major Leaguers on the Farm, Michael Chavis, and Jason Groome. There may be some promising young players such as Bobby Dalbec who has had a solid spring, but not many guys crack the top 100 as far as prospects in all of baseball.

The most startling thing for Sox fans is the current state of Team President Dave Dombrowski‘s former team, the Detroit Tigers. I attended a Tigers game last September and as I looked at that team with aging Veterans and no prospects coming I was thinking to myself, is this what we’re looking at in Boston? Detroit had to blow it up after Dombrowski left town and are stuck in the middle of a re-build, but are still committed to over-the-hill veterans like Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez, whose contracts they cannot unload.

Time will tell, but it’s a scary thought and reality for the Red Sox.

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