Red Sox Bullpen Takes A Hit As Steven Wright Is Suspended 80 Games Thanks To A PED Violation

I mean… are you serious? You’re telling me that Steven Wright decided to wait and see what the appeal result was before telling the Red Sox he was hit with a suspension? What kind of bone head move is that?


More often then not if you get a notice that you failed a drug test especially a PED test, the appeal isn’t going to go your way.

Now plenty of other blogs/reports have already basically said what I’m saying here so I’ll keep it short.

How could Steven Wright not tell the Red Sox? It’s a bad move and look on his part because this is just another question mark for the Red Sox bullpen to deal with. No idea who the closer will be yet, we don’t know what Tyler Thornburg will become, we don’t know if Ryan Braiser will be what he was last season and if you want to add this to it, the Red Sox lose some starting pitching depth.

So basically this was a bonehead move by him and he has to be better.  But if I have to put my faith in one man to figure out this bullpen, it’s Alex Cora.

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