Lions In Agreement With Four Players, Including Former Pat, Trey Flowers



Bob Quinn made a big splash today. A couple days before you can officially sign free agents, the Detroit Lions are in agreement with four players.

First being Danny Amendola. On a one year deal, a little less then 6 million dollars, Amendola is going to fit right in as a slot receiver. The Lions fell apart offensively last season after they traded away Golden Tate. They put more than a few players in the slot and they didn’t help the offense much. So I like this signing a lot, and its on a one year deal as well. So if it doesn’t work out, then both parties can just walk away. If it does work out, then maybe they can extend the relationship next year.

The second being Trey Flowers. This is a huge get for the Lions on a five year deal around seventeen per year. The Lions paid Anash the same money last year and he didn’t have nearly the impact he had his first few years in the league. So this is a big upgrade for the Lions. A player coming off a Super Bowl win with the Pats, he’ll have a big impact both on the field and off the field in Detroit.

The third of the day was Justin Coleman. Now the Lions have top guy to go with Darius Slay as a good one-two combo at corner. On a four-year thirty six million dollar deal, it’s a good signing to improve the Lions secondary.

The final move done by the Lions was getting an agreement with Jesse James. The Lions TE’s last year were awful. I’m pretty sure they were dead last in receptions and yards at that position. So to see Bob Quinn address it is great. I consider James a major upgrade and another weapon for Matthew Stafford on the offense.

Overall I love these agreements, soon to be signings of these players. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions are done signing players, at least big name players for the rest of free agency. If so, then I’ll turn my attention towards the draft and see where they go from there.

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