That’s it. Dave Gettleman has officially broke me


Tonight, the official worst general manager in NFL history, Dave Gettleman traded transcendent star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns for this years 17th and 95th pick along with safety Jabrill Peppers (having watched Jabrill play high school football in jersey, I am a huge fan of his, but I am still angry). Many have said it would’ve taken a “kings ransom” to get the Giants to deal Beckham, and this certanly was not. The 49ers second overall pick would’ve been a nice start, but Gettleman doesn’t know how to run a football team, so to him, this wasn’t a big deal.

Dave Gettleman. What can I say about Dave Gettleman? Well for starters, he has officially killed the “Giants way” along with the hopes of their fans. In a city that has the Mets, Knicks, Jets and Rangers, the New York Giants are now the laughing stock of the town, and the most mediocre franchise in sports.

Just six days ago, for the last of many times, Dave Gettleman said, “We didn’t sign Odell to trade him”. It is clear, he lied. He has deceived the Giants fans many times since taking over, but this is the final straw. He needs to get on the next train out of New York and never look back, and please, let the door hit you on the way out, Dave.

Also, keep in mind that the Giants wouldn’t even consider interviewing John Dorsey for their GM position, who has now turned the Cleveland Browns into legitimate super bowl contenders.

I am mad, not hiding it. However, I am being 100% unbiased, and I believe I share the same opinions as most Giants fans. This is one of the most ridiculous moves of all time, the New York Giants fans should be ashamed, we have been hoodwinked.

What was considered the classiest and best franchise in New York, is now a complete mess, and the laughing stock of the sports world.

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