Mike Trout And Angels Agree On Record Breaking Contract Extension Worth 430 Million


Lets jus start this off by saying that’s A LOT of money. I didn’t expect to see an extension between Trout and the Angels agree on this late in spring training, heck I didn’t even expect there to be an extension.

Trout being twenty seven years old, right in the middle of his prime, this was a no brainer for the Angels. You can’t lose the guy who has been the top player in baseball since he came into the league. Fans of the Angels would lose their minds if they didn’t keep Trout and they lost him to a team like the Phillies.

So kudos to the Angels for getting a record breaking extension done with Trout. And Mike Trout is worth every penny that they are paying him for the next twelve years.

But when you look at this for Mike Trout, you kind of wonder what he’s thinking. Maybe he loves the Angels organization and wanted to play his whole career there and if he does more power to him. But if you want to talk about a team, who has the best player in baseball since his debut and they haven’t done NOTHING with him, the Angels are at the center of those talks.

Every year is just another disappointment for a team who are not going anywhere. This year is probably nothing different. We all know how MLB hasn’t exactly marketed their stars right, it doesn’t help that their best player, Mike Trout, is on a team that can’t make it to the postseason. To the casual fans of baseball, the postseason is probably where they watch most, if not all of their baseball. How can they exactly know who Mike Trout is, or watch him do what he does best, if he’s not in the postseason?!

I’m glad Trout got what he got cause unlike most of these contract signings and extensions, he’s worth every penny of it.

Now it’s time for the Red Sox to turn their attention to Mookie Betts and sign him to a ten year extension. Dave Dombrowski, John Henry…get it done. If the Angels are smart enough to hold onto Mike Trout, you guys have to be as well in not letting Mookie go.

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