What to Make of TJ Dillashaw’s Failed Drug Test

Earlier today it was revealed that Bantamweight Championship Title holder TJ Dillashaw tested positive for an illegal substance on his in- competition test sample from UFC on ESPN+ 1 in Brooklyn and has been suspended from competition for one year by the New York State Athletic Commission. TJ Dillashaw willingly relinquished the Bantamweight Title as a result, as it would’ve been stripped from him regardless.

TJ took to Social Media to break the news to everyone and to speak on the matter.

Now it is important to note that the UFC’s Drug Testing firm, USADA, were not the ones who have suspended Dillashaw and have not yet finished their investigation. It is also of note that Dillashaw did not need to break the news to the public as USADA was in the midst of investigating the matter. USADA no longer notifies the public and press of “possible drug test failures” and only publicly state legitimate suspensions to keep the innocent fighters from being wrongfully labeled.

My immediate thought about this news is that this failed test might help save the Flyweight Division. There was talk of having Henry Cejudo move up to 135 to face Dillashaw in his weight division and that would cause a log jam at 125. That Bantamweight bout would be the perfect opportunity for Uncle Dana to clean house at 125.

In reading another blog about the matter I realized that Cody Garbrandt, in the lead up to their fight at UFC 217, accused TJ of being on performance enhancers and stated that TJ showed members of the team how to take them.

Bantamweight contenders have been somewhat vocal about the findings on Twitter

Now, it should be noted that this test failure is not necessarily a Steroid Failure as it could be a diuretic that TJ used to get down to 125 pounds.

Regardless of the findings, I’m gonna hold off judgement until USADA completes its investigation and I hope the MMA Community does as well.

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