Where Do The Red Sox and 2018 MVP Mookie Betts Stand?

In case you haven’t heard the scariest news lately as a Red Sox fan- Mookie Betts does not plan on signing a new contract until after the 2020 season when his current contract expires. Mookie already confirmed that he declined an 8 year, $200 million dollar deal that was offered to him by the Red Sox before. He is worth way more than $200 million and he knows that himself. Luckily, he’ll make decent money this season with the $20 million he’s receiving after avoiding arbitration.

It’s hard to dislike a guy who plans to wager on himself while continuing to have success. Betts is clearly confident in himself when other players would take the big money and just coast season to season. It certainly gives me confidence that Mookie will continue to be going full throttle for the next two seasons. I like his chances of repeating as MVP with this motivation to lead him.

The last to repeat MVP awards in the American League was Miguel Cabrera in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. Cabrera played mostly third base and designated hitter and did/does not possess the defense skills Mookie has. Not saying that Cabrera did not earn his trophies those seasons but Mookie is more of a complete player, flashing all five tools.

Mookie played his first season with the Red Sox in 2014. He only played 52 games that season but ever since then he’s never been below 136 games played in a season. Betts will be age 26 throughout the entire season and probably celebrate his birthday (October 7th, 1992) during the playoffs this year. In only 5 seasons, Mookie has 3 Gold Gloves for his great defensive work in right field and is a 3 time all star. He will continue to add to those accolades for sure.

Ownership is in a wait and see approach with Mookie because that is how he wants it to be. I’m sure if he was willing to talk contract right now that the Red Sox would have to offer him $400 million dollars to start. The climate of MLB contracts has changed after fellow slugger Mike Trout recently agreed to a 12-year deal worth nearly $430 million dollars with the Los Angeles Angels. Some say Trout is 1A and Mookie is 1B as the best players in major league baseball.

How this ultimately plays out will be fascinating regardless. I want Mookie in a Red Sox uniform for life. Please make Red Sox Nation happy.

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