Mets Sign deGrom to five year extension

And New York Mets fans can rejoice. No more worries of Jacob deGrom leaving and going to the Yankees when his contract is up. Probably one of the smartest moves done by the Mets in recent years if you ask me. They couldn’t just let deGrom leave. Not after the amazing CY season he had last year.

To have a pitcher like deGrom leading your pitching staff for the next six years is going to have am impact on the rest of the pitching staff for the Mets. And maybe, just maybe, this extension of deGrom is a sign of things changing when it comes to the Mets and their money spending and what there future plans are.

This signals to me that the Mets have no plans to go ahead with a rebuild and want to go full steam ahead for years to come. Because he is entering his age thirty one season, they want him to lead the pitching staff for years to come. He’s not getting any younger. If they didn’t want that and wanted to start a full rebuild, I could of saw them trading him at the deadline this year. Not to mention them spending the money  they did in the offseason.

I hope for the sake of Mets fans, they have a clear plan of what they want to do in the coming years. Now if I were the Mets, I’d also extend Noah Syndergaard. Really show your fans you’re serious about competing.

But then again, they really need their offense to show up this year. Oh well.  Congrats Mets fans on not losing deGrom.

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