Weekend Sox Review: Red Sox Start 1-3 But Are Close To Extending Bogaerts 7 Years

This was news I wasn’t expecting coming out of this opening weekend. I honestly was expecting Xander Bogaerts to be one of the top young players to leave the Red Sox once he hit free agency. I’m really happy that I was wrong cause I love the idea having seven more years of Bogaerts as the Red Sox shortstop. At least Dave Dombrowski doesn’t think along the lines like the Cleveland Indians brass does. Now the Red Sox just have to extend Mookie. Hopefully they do, it’s not going to happen until he’s a free agent but the hope is still there.

And this deal is a steal.

This news helps somewhat after how lousy the Red Sox starting pitching has been. Every starter has allowed six runs or more in their starts. Sale, Eovaldi, E-rod and now Porcello.   David Price is our only hope. Hopefully he can be the first starter to pitch well. He doesn’t even have to pitch well. Just don’t put the offense in a hole they can’t dig out of.

The Bullpen has been a big plus coming out of the first series.

Yeah they only had one save opportunity, but they stopped the bleeding for the most part, every time they had to come into the game. We’ll see if they can keep this up.

I’m not worried about the pitching and you shouldn’t be either. The pitching staff followed the same game plan they did last spring and they were fine. We’ll see how they look during the next leg of the road trip. I expected all four starters to pitch way better then they did next time through the rotation.

The offense looked good as well this weekend. Sure much of the production came from JD, Mookie and Moreland, but the Red Sox are scoring runs and that is always good.

David Price is going to pitch a gem today.

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