Red Sox Wrap Up: Road Trip Is FINALLY OVER

Thank goodness the eleven game west coast road trip that the Boston Red Sox opened the season on is over. They played like garbage the whole road trip and it was getting tough to watch the games. Even if it is way to early on in the season to worry about this team. They could easily be 0-11 right now. It’s crazy that they could of actually had that record coming back home.

Bad pitching, bad fielding and bad hitting were all seen on this eleven game road trip. And when that happens any road trip or even home stand is going to be bad. I have no doubt that they’ll get their stuff together and play good baseball for consecutive days, but man was this west coast trip hard to watch.

This isn’t any excuse but it is hard to start the season on a road trip like the Red Sox did because its eleven games in a row on the road coming from spring training so hopefully with them starting a home stand tomorrow with the Blue Jays and a four game series vs the Orioles, we’ll see them turn it around.

Cause we all know what happened last year. They won the World Series for crying out loud. The only person they basically lost was Craig Kimbrel and the bullpen hasn’t been the issue in these games.

They have to stop giving up home runs. Like just stop with the home runs.

And Maybe the players getting their WS rings tomorrow will remind them just how good they can be. Or maybe Red Sox Nation will remind them just as David Price said the other day after his start.

The Red Sox just need to get back on track and do the simple things. Communication in the outfield, better throws, better base running decisions and having pitchers not  miss their spot so much. The last one may not be that simple but that’s what they have to do.

And can we stop with the talk about Chris Sale‘s fast ball velocity? Do you really think the Red Sox would of extended him of something was really wrong with his arm?! Think about that. If it’s a plan so he doesn’t break down later in the season then I’m all for it. It’s April.


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