Sox In Review: Red Sox Don’t See Much Progress After First Homestand


I’m glad I waited til after todays game to write this blog. The past two times I’ve blog about the Red Sox I usually look at the games from Monday to Sunday. But because of the early start today and it was the last game of the home stand, I decided to wait and see what todays out come was.

I’m glad I waited because I was going to start this blog by saying how they played somewhat better against teams that they should be playing good against. Frankly that didn’t just happen. Ending the home stand 3-3 against two teams that aren’t going to win a lot of games this year is not something you want to see. Especially heading into a two-game set with the Yankees, who yes are also struggling but the result of this next week will decide what the Red Sox are going to look like this year.

Two games against the Yankees, followed by an off day, three game road trip in Tampa and then come back home for a six game home stand vs. the Rays and Tigers. The Rays look good this year and this is after they had a great season last year. It may still be early but don’t you dare look past the Rays and the Red Sox shouldn’t either.

The starting pitcher is getting better somewhat. David Price pitched a gem yesterday and as he should of. He dominated the O’s and gave the Red Sox their best start of the season by a starter. E-Rod was also good Friday night so I was hoping the starters were gaining momentum off the back of E-Rod and Price but Rick Porcello didn’t pitch well Saturday afternoon and today was sort of a bullpen day.

The Red Sox need Sale, Eovaldi and Porcello to find their footing. Especially the first two because they are pitching in Yankee Stadium the next two games.

Finally it’s time to talk about the offense. A few players are banged up, one being Andrew Benintendi, who fouled another ball off his foot yesterday. Jackie Bradley has the flu, no clue why Nunez was not at second base today. So with that being said…

Mookie doesn’t look that good in the box. Swinging at pitches outside the strike zone that he normally doesn’t swing at. Pedey is still getting his footing underneath him and is trying to find his swing. Devers hasn’t shown the power yet this season and Jackie is in his usually early season slump.

Bogaerts is starting to heat up which is good. Mitch Moreland is responsible for four or five of the Red Sox’s wins. JD is doing his thing as always. So there are some positives on the offense side, but also a lot of negatives right now.

I’ll leave you with this. 6-11 is a bad start yes. 11-6 would be better. But this team is coming off a 17-2 start last season on the way to winning 108 games in the regular season. Don’t give up on this team yet. You can worry, but don’t give up.

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