In Shocking Turn Of Events Red Sox DFA Blake Swihart



And with that Blake Swihart is gone from this team. In what I think is a shocking move this early on in the season. To let go the guy who could more than likely be your best offensive catcher after seventeen games? Crazy move.

Again I’m not shocked to see this happen but I am shocked to see this happen so early in the season. As Evan Drellich said in his tweet above, it’s a “reactionary move”.

This team is struggling not only offensively but pitching wise as well. But again it’s only April 16th. I know the starting pitching has been bad, especially Chris Sale, but his stuff isn’t what it was last season. How is bringing Sandy Leon up to catch him going to change that?  I think this is a bad move by the Red Sox because of a few reasons.

It’s still early on in the season.

Sandy Leon batted .177 last season in eighty nine games.

Christian Vazquez batted .207 in eighty games last season.

Those batting averages are awful. Yes, catchers aren’t always going to hit .325 with thirty home runs. Not all catchers are Buster Posey. But you have to give Swihart a chance. They screwed him up a few years ago putting him in left field, when he busted his ankle. Last season they hardly played him at all for the first few months of the season. How are you suppose to see what he can give you if you never commit to him as a full time player?

it boggles my mind. Maybe in a few years Swihart won’t be good as we all think he could of been. Maybe he’ll be an average .230 hitter who hits 9 home runs a year. But if he lands in a spot where he’ll play everyday and he becomes an all star. The Red Sox are going to be kicking themselves.

I said before this lineup is already struggling. You think putting a guy in who hit .177 last season is going to help this offense break out of it’s slump? Don’t get me wrong. I like Sandy Leon. He’s a great defensive catcher. But he’s not what this team needs right now.

The Red Sox should of given it another month or so to see if Swihart is the guy for the future. They should of waited to see if the pitchers could figure out whats been going wrong.

They didn’t. I’m not mad they made this move. I’m disappointed they made it so early on in the season.

I hope Swihart lands somewhere where he’ll be given a chance to play and prove if he has got it.

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