Sox In Review: Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Got to be honest. This past weekend vs. the Rays wasn’t that good. Or fun. Neither was the doubleheader that the Red Sox lost last Tuesday. But there were good days no doubt. Thinking like Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

This team was coming off of a sweep of the Rays, walking into a ten game home stand and it was the perfect time to keep the momentum going. Spoiler alert if you didn’t watch, they didn’t. The doubleheader was just a disaster to watch. And this past weekend was the same thing.

The offense didn’t show up.

Chris Sale was eh

First lets start with Sale.  He’s now 0-5 on the season and his velocity still isn’t there. He hasn’t been terrible, which is good I guess. Out of his six starts, he has given up two earned runs or less in three of them. His second start, he only allowed one earned and in two starts he has allowed two earned runs. So take that as you will. I still believe he’ll be good down the line. But we’ll see.

Now, lets look at the offense. Andrew Benintendi had an awful weekend, but players are going to have those here and there. We’ll see if he can get back on track tonight. Jackie Bradley Jr. I don’t know what I can say about him that we all don’t already know. He’s cold as the north pole. Batting .150 and striking out with the game on the line during Saturdays game. Can we fast forward to when he’s hot for a month or so?  He just can’t see the ball for the life of him right now. It’s nothing new. We go through this EVERY year. It’s frustrating even though we know what we are getting with him. J.D. hasn’t played since Thursday if I’m not mistaken because of back spasms. So not having him in the lineup has hurt. Especially this past Saturday.

The offense needs to step up. This team was a force last year and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be this year. Oh and Steve Pearce, the guy who won the World Series MVP, is nowhere to be seen. So if Alex Cora can find him, that would be very nice.

Michael Chavis has provided some stability at second. I love seeing him hit homers, cause all he hits are moon bombs. He’s doing well right now. But as much as I like having him in the lineup, I think once Brock Holt or Pedey or even Nunez comes back, they’ll send him back to triple A.

Oakland is in town tonight for three games. Hopefully the Red Sox can at least take two out of three. Again, I’m hoping.

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