The Boston Bruins vs The Avengers

Disney’s Marvel movies have arguably been one of the most successful film franchises in history. Starting with The Incredible Hulk and the first Iron Man in the mid-2000s, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has captivated comic book, superhero, and general moviegoers alike.

From the incredible list of actors and actresses that have been involved in these movies to the phenomenal writing, producing, and directing, the MCU has truly provided so much love and joy to those who watch.

Admittedly, I am a huge Marvel fan and admire almost every movie that they make and have liked to follow these characters’ journeys over the past ten years. With the release of Endgame, the hype and praise for this cinematic universe is off the charts.

With that said, I also love the Boston Bruins and sometimes think of these players as real-life superheroes from their personalities to their physical strength.

I was just thinking to myself the other day: “If the Bruins were cast in the next Avengers movie, who would play each superhero?”

These sort activities are fun, yet challenging to actually finish, so I may be reaching when comparing each Avenger to a Bruins player.


Patrice Bergeron – Captain America

This one was actually the easiest to come up with seeing as Patrice Bergeron is the ultimate team-player and cleanest guy on the team. Captain America believes in fighting for what is right no matter the cost and is a selfless individual. Bergeron does it all for the team and is such a well-rounded player and teammate that he is the embodiment of a consummate person and professional. The de facto leader of his team, Bergeron and Captain America lead by example and are there for their teammates. Oh, and both Cap and Bergy have beautiful beards and age like a fine wine:

Image result for patrice bergeron beard

I mean, just look at them! I don’t care if Bergeron is Canadian, he is the one and true Captain America.

Brad Marchand – Rocket Raccoon 

Despite the fact that Marchand has often been compared to a rat, there are actually more factors to gravitate towards that make sense when comparing Marchand to Rocket. For one, Rocket never shuts up and is always causing mischief among the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers. He loves to get under peoples’ skin and can agitate anyone into making poor decisions. At the end of the day, though, both Rocket and Marchand are there for their teammates. You want them on your side, but hate them if you have to face either of them.

David Pastrnak – Iron Man

This comparison is tough because all hockey players are humble people and Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is not one of those people. David Pastrnak, behind Marchand, might be the most reckless, yet talented player on his team. Like Iron Man, Pastrnak has both developed his skill set to become an offensive weapon and occasionally fires missiles in enemy territory (at opposing forces). Tony Stark developed his personality over the years and became selfless as a result and Pastrnak will eventually become a well-rounded skater who can sacrifice himself for the betterment of the team.

Zdeno Chara – Hulk

Image result for hulk

Image result for zdeno chara

I thought about having Chara as Thor since Thor is 1,000 years old, but looks like he could go another 1,000 years.

When you boil it down, Chara can only be one Avenger and that is Mr. You Don’t Like Me When I’m Angry aka the Hulk. Chara doesn’t have any relation to puny Bruce Banner and is one of the most powerful Avengers who just happens to be indestructible. The Hulk became the Hulk due to a gamma ray accident, while Chara became Chara by devouring the souls of those who challenge him to fights.

Image result for zdeno chara

The Hulk does have his more intellectual side in Bruce Banner, but his teammates prefer him when he smashes as the Hulk. Like the Hulk, Chara can provide wisdom given his experience, but his physical prowess is what makes him the most feared skater on the ice.

David Krejci – The Winter Soldier

Related image

Image result for krejci

Captain America and the Winter Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes, are best friends who are both trained super soldiers. Their skill sets are one-in-the-same with their military backgrounds and suave, calm demeanor. Krejci is a silent assassin with the puck and can attack in the blink of an eye. In a sense, the Winter Soldier is Captain America 2.0 and although he is no Captain America, he would make an adequate replacement. Plus, Krejci is Czech and the Winter Soldier becomes a weapon for Hydra who find him in Siberia, so you see what I am getting at.

Tuukka Rask – Doctor Strange

Image result for doctor strange

Image result for tuukka rask

The Sorcerer Supreme, aka Doctor Strange, is one of the few characters in the MCU who uses magic and sorcery to defend the universe. Like Strange, Tuukka Rask appears to be using magic at times on the ice when he is making saves and keeping his team together. Doctor Strange and Rask can be arrogant and a bit temperamental, but they are always looking out for the greater good of their teams and know when to put praise onto others. Without either of them, the forces of the Dark Dimension (Dormammu, Felger & Mazz, etc.) would overrun their worlds.

“Felger, I’ve come to bargain” – Tuukka (probably)

Jake DeBrusk – Spiderman

Image result for tom holland spiderman wallpaper Image result for jake debrusk

Jake DeBrusk and Spider Man are both that young, lovable, and goofy kid who always has the best intentions and comes across as innocent in the eyes of those who know him. They are both agile and flexible and bring a feistiness and tenacity that breathes life into a somewhat veteran group. Their skill sets are more one-dimensional for now, but they can both learn and grow under this grizzled group of players. Both guys also have faces that will make them look like they are twelve years old for the rest of their lives.

Torey Krug – Ant-Man

Image result for ant man

   Image result for torey krug

Going for more of a literal comparison here, Ant-Man is an obvious choice for Torey Krug due to his size. Both of them are small, but they pack powerful punches and are stronger than their stature. Ant-Man joined the original Avengers later in their adventures and Krug joined the 2013 Bruins late in the season and was a staple for them in the NHL playoffs. Although they are both small, they can become much larger in crucial moments to defeat their opponents. Plus, both of them are known to throw the occasional chirp in:

Charlie Coyle – Falcon

Image result for falcon marvel

Image result for charlie coyle

The Winter Soldier and Falcon are two characters in the MCU who are most similar to Captain America in terms of their capabilities and how they are both ex-military men. Falcon is probably the weakest out of these three, but he still can hold his own in battle and can hold air superiority when he is using his winged-suit. Like Falcon, Coyle’s game is lifted up when he is surrounded by talent that makes him and his linemates better. He doesn’t have too much to offer outside of his suit, guns, and fighting, but he does a damn good job with what skills he uses.

Kevan Miller – Thor

Image result for thor

Image result for kevan miller

“You want me to put down the hammer!?” – Thor

Comparing a defensive-defenseman to one of, if not the most, powerful Avenger in the entire MCU may be a bit of a stretch, but I think it works. Miller is one of the strongest, tallest Bruins and carries a big stick (or hammer, I guess). He appears larger in stature than what he is listed on the stat sheet and if anyone on an opposing team messes with his teammates, he will be there to bring the thunder (chuckles to self). Whenever Miller and Thor fight (not each other), powerful shockwaves are sent out everywhere. Thor has numerous arcs throughout his Marvel cinematic journey, but I think Miller fits in with the original, more serious Thor.

David Backes – Drax

Related image

Image result for david backes

Drax and Backes are the grizzled veterans who are mostly known for their brute strength and not much else. Although they present some leadership skills, they both are more of role players on both of their teams. Drax believes he has mastered the art of moving so slow that no one can see him while Backes has mastered the art of skating so incredibly slow that it’s impossible to see him appear on the stat sheet. Don’t get me wrong, they both have their moments in the sun, but they both are a little past their prime.

Jaroslav Halak – Wong

Image result for wong

Image result for jaroslav halak

Technically, Wong isn’t exactly an Avenger, but neither are a few others on this list. Wong is somewhat of a sidekick to Doctor Strange as Strange is more powerful, but Wong can certainly hold his own. Like Wong, Rask is the better goaltender, but Halak can fill-in when needed and can perform up to the same standards as his teammate. Wong and Halak both control their emotions and act as a second voice for their more powerful counterparts.

Sean Kuraly – Hawkeye

Image result for hawkeye

Image result for sean kuraly

Hawkeye might not be the most powerful character among the Avengers, but he has impeccable aim with his bow and arrow and acts as a glue that brings the team closer together. Like Hawkeye, Kuraly’s presence on his team brings a calming presence and is someone who can contribute in other ways aside from his offensive game. To the watching eyes, Kuraly and Hawkeye might not be viewed as that important of an asset, but their own teams know how vital they are in action and for overall morale.

Alright, that was my best attempt at comparing as many Avengers to as many Bruins as possible. I know there are still some Bruins and Avengers remaining, but I’ve had my fill and let’s not kid ourselves: almost all of the important Avengers were on this list.

I hope you enjoyed it and have had a chance to see Endgame. Remember, don’t spoil it for others!

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