Sox In Review: Red Sox Are Hot Kid

Don’t let the Red Sox get hot kid. Oh wait, they already are. After starting the season 6-13 they are now 22-19 and are only three games behind the Rays for first place in the AL East.

It was only a matter of time before the Boston Red Sox started playing like the team they were last year. This is the kind of play that we have been expecting to see from the Red Sox this year and finally we are getting it.

A key reason for that is the starting pitching has been extremely better then it was at the start of the season. Chris Sale is back to being himself, E-Rod is performing, Rick Porcello has also been pitching better too.

Even a guy like Hector Velaquez, who has been spot starting the past few times through has given the Red Sox a chance to win. Yesterday he went five innings in his longest start of the season.

And you have to look at the offense once again for another reason to why the Red Sox have gotten hot after their slow start. The Red Sox had a negative forty run differential a couple weeks ago and now have a positive twenty seven. They blew then Mariners out of the water this past weekend and have the chance to continue to improve on that number with the Rockies coming to town. The Rockies have played better as well as of late after their slow start, but still have a negative five run differential.

J.D. Martinez is starting to find his power swing again after crushing two home runs yesterday, even though he is still the best consistent hitter in this lineup. Michael Chavis broke out of his skid, collecting three hits and five RBIS yesterday. With news that Dustin Pedroia hit another set back with his rehab this past weekend, the Red Sox are going to relay on Chavis more and more. We’ve seen it now since Nunez has been back, Chavis is the starting second baseman for this team. Even though his skid, Alex Cora stuck with him and was rewarded for it. I don’t think we’ll see a change at second until Pedroia comes back, or if Chavis really starts to struggle down the line.

Speaking of Pedroia, it sucks that he hit another setback. I was in the camp that believed he was going to make a comeback this year and have a solid year. I still think he will, but with news of this coming out, no doubt there will be more haters who think Pedroia is down and should just retire.

Has everyone forgot what he has done for this team and the city?

And I would be stupid if I didn’t mention how on fire Rafael Devers has been over the past few weeks. Devers is just seeing the ball so well right now that he is the hottest hitter on the team. Every ball he hits is smoked, no matter where he hits it to. I think the power will come sooner rather then later as well. But I’ll still take what he has been doing lately.

Don’t look now, but the Red Sox are back, they’ve even got the President of the United States buzzing about them.



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