Sox In Review: Red Sox Gain Momentum After A Subpar Weekend

Who has their second five game win steak of the season? The Boston Red Sox. Who’s the hottest hitter in the lineup? J.D Martinez. Or Jackie Bradley if you want to go that route.  Chris Sale is dominating every team he faces. The offense is really starting to launch the ball now and the offense that we saw last year, is starting to finally show up here in 2019.

Since last Sunday, Jackie Bradley is ten for twenty eight, with two home runs and six runs batted in. And he was getting hot before then as well. His batting average finally got over two hundred. He sits at two-eleven and is starting to find his swing for the first time this year. I was a little worry for Jackie, but knew that mid-season hot streak was coming sooner or later.

You add in a Michael Chavis, who looks to finally be getting out of his slump, J.D’s power numbers coming back, you can see this team really hitting their offensive stride. Even Andrew Benintendi has been having better at bats recently. Getting on base more in the two hole, which has been setting up J.D to drive him in.

And I know that I’m hyping up the offensive numbers the day after they completed a three game series sweep of the awful Orioles team, but from what we’ve seen from this team so far this season. The ups and the downs, why not get a little excited about it? It’s known that the Red Sox have to take care of business and beat the teams they are suppose to beat. So let’s have a little fun and get excited. I know thats a hard task to do cause the Red Sox still have an eh bullpen, they still need to play good against good teams like the Twins tonight but lets try to enjoy this a little more. The team isn’t like the Orioles or the Marlins. The Red Sox are going to be in the playoff hunt until the end. Is it going to be clear and cut like it was for the last few weeks of last season? No no it’s not. And I’d would rather have it that way. This team is fighting through bad and mediocre play. We all know what these players on this team can do. It’s only going to make them stronger in the end.

The Red Sox will face a tough test this next series as they face the Minnesota Twins. Keep up the momentum and take two out of three before coming home for six games.

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