Sox In Review: Third Week Of June Brings Mixed Results Again

For a team that had won twelve out of it’s last twenty games coming into Monday’s game vs. the Chicago White Sox, the Boston Red Sox haven’t made much progress in the AL East. They have actually fell from being six games back after the Yankees series, to eight games back. Yeah they have lost a few games that they should of won, but that’s going to happen. Even the frustrating loses like this past Saturday to Toronto where the bullpen craps itself.

It’s a little frustrating cause the Yankees just keep winning. They took three out of four from the Houston Astros this past weekend. Like why? Why did the Astros have to hit a cold streak the exact time they came into New York? Didn’t happen when Boston came to town. But who really cares. The Yankees were by far the better team this past weekend, and we’ll see how the Red Sox navigate through their lineup now that Judge and Stanton are back.

The Red Sox had a .500 week, but easily could of went five and one. That seventeen inning game really took a lot of out me, if I’m going to be honest here. Staying up till just about two A.M. to only see the other team walk it off drains me. So I’m glad the Red Sox came back the next day to win the series against a good Twins team.

This past weekend vs. the Blue Jays was really a kick in the groin. After walking it off Friday night, the bullpen blew a six-run lead Saturday and the offense was basically dead on Sunday. By the way, Saturday’s blown save was the fifteenth on the season for the bullpen. And a major contributor of that is the usage. If you’re Alex Cora and throwing out Matt Barnes, Brandon Workman, Marcus Walden and we’ll throw Ryan Brasier into the mix. If you throw them out every other game, the usage is going to catch up. I think it was tweeted out by Tom Caron, but Barnes has an ERA in the two’s on more of a days rest. On a day rest or less, his ERA is in the high six’s. Even Barnes was asked if the bullpen could keep up the workload for the rest of the season, and he said “We’ll see”

That’s not very confident. And yes, the bullpen is getting Steven Wright back, but how is he going to hold up? He had the same surgery as Pedroia. I know it’s totally different between a pitcher and guy who has sacrificed his body on every play over the last twelve seasons, but his knee could go out at any point. We have seen it with Pedroia.

I have also come to the realized that Dave Dombrowski getting a closer like arm for the bullpen is like me getting with the girl of my dreams. Probably not going to happen this season. I mean look at Cody Allen. He was a former closer who was good. He signed a minor league contract with the Twins. Why couldn’t the Red Sox sign him? Low risk high reward if you could fix him and turn him back into a piece of what he was.

But I don’t run the Red Sox so what do I know.

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