Top 10 American Sports Venues


Continuing our American theme leading into the 4th of July, here are the top ten sports venues in the country. Only venues still standing and being used by a current team or host a current event are eligible. So Yankee Stadium, the Boston Garden, and LA Forum will not be included.

#10: Norte Dame Stadium, (Norte Dame, Indiana) Occupant: Norte Dame Fighting Irish Football. Home of Norte Dame football since 1930, walking into the stadium you get goosebumps knowing that’s where the likes of Knute Rockne, Paul Horning, Joe Montana, and Tim Brown walked. The stadium sits in the shadows of Touchdown Jesus and drips with tradition from the players touching the Play Like a Champion sign on the way to the field, to the famous “Here come the Irish” into.

#9: Churchill Downs, (Louisville, Kentucky) Host of the annual Kentucky Derby.
On the first Saturday of May, every year has hosted the event every year since 1875. One of the most iconic days and events of the American Sporting Calander.

#8: Cameron Indoor, (Durham, North Carolina) Occupant: Duke Basketball since 1940, over 1,000 games have been played in the legendary venue graced by Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Jay BilasZion Williamson and of course Mike Krzyzewski some of the most legendary games in NCAA Basketball history have been played in this arena.

#7: LA Coliseum, (Los Angeles, California) Occupant: USC Football, Los Angeles Rams. The current home of USC Football and the Los Angeles Rams hosted the first Super Bowl where the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, the home of the Dodgers when the moved to LA from Brooklyn. Also hosted the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the 1984 Olympics and will do the same when the Olympics return to Los Angeles in 2028.

#6: The Rose Bowl, (Pasadena, California) The home of the annual Rose Bowl Classic on New Years Day that has often produced some of the more epic games in College Football History, most notably the legendary 2005 National Championship game with Texas beating USC. The venue has also been the host of five Super Bowls, and an Army-Navy game. Its iconic bowl-like shape is what it’s most famous for.

#5: Augusta National Golf Club, (Augusta, Georgia) Host of the annual Masters Golf Tournament since 1934 missing only a few tournaments in the mid-1940s for WWII. There is perhaps no venue in sports that has been graced by the legends of its sports then Augusta National has been by golfs legends from Bobby Jones the designer and founder to Ben Hogan to Arnold Palmers to Gary Player to Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods those six men have combined for 21 wins at the venue.

#4: Lambeau Field, (Green Bay, Wisconsin) Occupant: Green Bay Packers
Opening in 1957 the home of the NFL’s most historic Franchise. It’s almost like an old school baseball stadium and a museum of Football history, it has been graced by so many legends from Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Brett Farve, and Aaron Rodgers. Visiting this stadium is a must for any Football fan.

#3: The Big House, (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Occupant: Michigan Wolverines Football. Opening in 1921 no venue in America has a greater compacity many football and American icons have played on this field from President Gerald Ford to Tom Brady himself.

#2: Wrigley Field, (Chicago, Illinois) Occupant: Chicago Cubs
Home of the Chicago Cubs since 1915, known for many things from the Ivy on the walls, the iconic old scoreboard, the fans throwing opposing teams home runs back on the field, and the raising of the flag in Center Field to show the city the result of the game.

#1: Fenway Park, (Boston, Massachusetts) Occupant: Boston Red Sox
A no-brainer at number one, there is no American Sports fan that I have ever met that doesn’t have Fenway Park on their bucket list of places to visit. Old school romanticism surrounds this park from its brick foundation to its small narrow seats to the Green Monsters it manually operated scoreboard which makes up its entire left field wall. Baseball legends such as Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, and David Ortiz have called this place home. Also, the venue where Jackie Robinson took part in his first tryout.

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