Top 10 American Sports Brands


The opposite of how we started our theme lets countdown the top ten brands in American Sports.

#10: Boston Celtics: Behind only one other team that will appear on this list the Celtics have won the 2nd most Championships of any team in American Sports history. A tradition started by Red Auerbach took over by players From Bill Russell and Bob Cousey to Dave Cowens and John Havlicek to Larry Bird and Kevin McHale to Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. With the exception of a few down years, this team has been consistently good for basically all of its existence.

#9: Chicago Cubs: No teams in baseball fan bases travels more than Cubs fans whenever they are on the road. They’ve pulled off something impossible they are popular despite being known as losers. When they played in the 2016 World Series the ratings were so astronomical I think Fox’s executives are still partying two and a half years later.

#8: Duke Blue Devils Basketball: A team that symbolizes privilege, arrogance, prestige, and winning. A world-class private institution known for medical centers it’s an honor to go to this university.

#7: New England Patriots: I’m going, to be honest, they won’t be on this list very long when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are gone they will disappear. But what’s indisputable is that this has been the best run organization in the country’s most popular sport for two decades, 6 Championships, 9 Super Bowl appearances, 13 AFC Championship Game appearances. You can literally split this team into two different eras and they might be two of the top five dynasties in NFL History.

#6: Pittsburgh Steelers: Like the Cubs, no fan base travels more in the NFL then Steeler fans. Four years ago while playing in San Diego there were so many Steeler fans present and made so much noise that Chargers QB, Philp Rivers had to go to a silent count at home. Every city with an NFL team in America has Steeler bars when the Steel industry left Pittsburgh decades ago they workers left Pittsburgh but remained Steeler fans

#5: Tiger Woods: Folks might disagree here, but let’s be honest no human being on planet earth means more to their business maybe ever then Tiger Woods does to the golf industry. He put the sport on the map and was so popular he thrust Nike into the golf equipment industry. While he was sidelined with injuries golf’s TV ratings plummeted, and Nike lost so much business they left the golf industry. When he returned in 2018 the ratings shot through the roof CBS and NBC broke their ratings records week and week with Woods back. When he won the Masters earlier this year golf led the sports world for the next few days for the first time maybe ever.

#4: Green Bay Packers: There is a certain romanticism in American in small-town success and small-town morals and small-town work ethic. The Packers represent the working man class of America owned by the city of Green Bay. Have you ever met anybody who hates the Green Bay Packers? I haven’t, behind only one other team the Packers routinely have the 2nd most nationally televised games of any team in the NFL.

#3: New York Yankees: The most historic team in the most historic sport in America, not only the most popular team in baseball they are once again the best team in baseball. They own the single most worn piece of apparel anywhere in the world you can walk into any of the 50 free and independent states in our great nation or go to any country in this world and you will see a New York Yankee hat.

#2: Los Angeles Lakers: ITS SHOWTIME!!! There is no more important team to the NBA than the Lakers from the moment they moved to Los Angeles from Minneapolis legend after legend has rushed to this team starting with Wilt, to Kareem, to Shaq, to Lebron and now add Anthony Davis to that fold. Even when the Lakers are down they still routinely are the highest rated games on ESPN and TNT, and the fan base travels as well as any other team in sports they take over the building. Earlier this year when the Lakers beat the Celtics in Boston there was an audible roar from the crowd due to it being half Lakers fans.

#1: Dallas Cowboys: This is an undisputable number one, the most important team in the most important sport in the country. The Cowboys the last two years have had the highest rated games on CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and NFLN there are Cowboys fans in every city in America. Americas Team and Easy Number One.

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