Sox In Review: Dave, It’s Time To Fix The Bullpen, For Real This Time

I feel like a broken record talking about the bullpen again because the past few blogs have either touched on the bullpen, or the bullpen was a major focus of the blog. Sadly and not surprisingly, It’s going to be the major topic of this weeks blog.

The game last Wednesday vs. Chicago was a tough one to lose. After a crappy outing by Chris Sale, the Red Sox fought back to take the lead. The offense is starting to feel like last years offense. Even though it took three months into the season to do. Last year they were blowing teams out left and right and when they needed a comeback, more so it happened.

So if you want to have a positive out of this blog, that’s it.

Matt Barnes blowing that game stung, but it could have been worse. They won the first two games of the series, so they could of blown that game and got swept. But that didn’t happen. The Red Sox won the first two games and set themselves up to get the sweep before the London Series. Barnes is awful during appearances where he didn’t get a day’s rest. And his high ERA in those outings, only went higher.

So maybe the two off days heading into the London Series would help the bullpen reset a little and get a much needed rest. Yeah that didn’t work. Maybe it was the jet lag, maybe it wasn’t.

The Red Sox bullpen decided to just literally crap the bed. Like my god, they were awful. And yeah the New York Yankees bullpen wasn’t good either. Sure London Stadium turned out to be a massive advantage for the hitters with those dimensions, but come on. If the Red Sox bullpen didn’t give up eleven runs Saturday and ten runs Sunday, they walk out with wins. It’s crazy how bad they were. Do you know who had the best relief outing? COLTON BREWER. He gave up zero runs in two appearances. Yeah, he only had to get two outs in both appearances, but it’s a fact.

Saturday was a crazy game. Each team scored six runs in the first, S/O The Ice Horse, Michael Chavis for his two home runs.

Mike Shawaryn got shelled for eight runs. Steven Wright gave up two runs. Josh Taylor gave up one run. Take Mike Shawaryn out of the picture, the Red Sox win. To be fair to Shawaryn, he was having a good season in his limited time up here, but it was about time he came back down to earth. He’s not a guy who you’re going to rely on late into the season with the game on the line.

Same thing for Marcus Walden. He’s been a bright spot this season and one I don’t think anyone was expecting, but he’s slowly been declining over the past few months or so. After giving up four runs Sunday, his ERA sits at 3.48

Matt Barnes didn’t fair well either on two days rest. His ERA now sits at 4.93 after giving up three runs.

Like at what point does Dave Dombrowski finally say “Enough us enough”?

Is it going to take twenty blown saves? Cause the Red Sox have SEVENTEEN. Do you what team has worse then that? The Mets. That’s it.

Dave Dombrowski has to stop saying pat. This bullpen isn’t going to get better on it’s own. You can keep calling guys up and see if they are options, but they’ll fall back to down to earth and will not be what you need to not only make it into the postseason, but a deep run to the World Series.

A guy like Craig Kimbrel isn’t walking through that door. Not through the minors, not through a trade. The Red Sox don’t have the prospects for that. But can they get a rental like Will Smith from the Giants who’s a rental? Absolutely.

It’s a matter of is it too late when it happens.

Oh and I should mention that Xander and Devers aren’t All Stars. Fan voting is stupid. Change it please @MLB


So late last night Tom Caron reported that the Red Sox are likely putting Nathan Eovaldi in the closer spot as a traditional closer when he comes back. Which makes me think that means Steven Wright is going to go back into the rotation. I mean I’m not against this idea. But it highlights the Red Sox not wanting to spend more then the two hundred and forty that they already have. So we’ll see if this works.

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